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Luminous Beings

[Master Applications]

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Jedi and Sith
Luminous Beings

[Master Applications]

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six impossible things
For those who wish to start their own clan, below is the template. Things marked in [] are where you fill in details. The race you choose will define your family, they will be identified as knights and padawans of the same race. As to jedi/sith and light/dark, please be sensible, they are aligned as they should be chosen, ie jedi = light, sith = dark. No mixing them up XD

I, [username], come here as a [jedi/sith] master of the [race] to seek a student that I might train in the ways of the [light/dark]. I shall oversee my young one's training in the force, and guide them on the true path.

Name: [ ]
Age: [ ]
What I may offer my students: [ ]
What I expect of a student: [ ]
Contact: [ ]

I will consider any youngling as my student, however the choice to accept or not accept any youngling is mine and mine alone.
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