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Luminous Beings

[Youngling Application]

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Jedi and Sith
Luminous Beings

[Youngling Application]

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six impossible things
For those wishing to join an already existing clan, below is the template. All younglings shall be considered of unknown race until they are taken on as a student, at which point they are known by their clan's race. things marked with [] are fill-ins. =p

I, [username], come here as a youngling in the hopes that I may be taken as a student to any Master or Knight of this enclave. I understand that I should respect my master and turn to them for guidance in the ways of the force.

Name: [ ]
Age: [ ]
What I wish for in a master: [ ]
What I can offer my master: [ ]
Contact: [ ]

The right to accept or refuse a clan offer is mine and mine alone.
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